Care About Your Air

Air: it’s something we cannot see, but its impact cannot be missed. It’s something that completely surrounds us, gives us life and controls our daily health and well-being. At Blade, our goal has always been the same: to answer age-old questions about indoor air in a new, refreshing way.


We supply tailored, state-of-the-art indoor air quality solutions that meet the highest industry standards.


We’re transforming indoor air quality solutions, refreshing people’s expectations for their air.


We’re leaders in clean air.


Friendly Challengers

We challenge old assumptions around what’s possible in air quality. We pull the whole industry forward and invite everyone to join us. 

Working for Trust

We cultivate trust through our obvious passion for what we do as we pursue bigger and more sophisticated projects for our clients and partners.

Professionalism in Running Shoes

We deliver the highest quality products and services without ego or pretence. Our long-term relationships come from connecting with staff and clients on a personal level. 

Blade Founders

Company History

In 2017, Giancarlo, Aedan and Joseph came together to solve the inefficiencies of using traditional carbon air filters, like having to replace the entire unit every time the carbon becomes exhausted. They created the world’s first carbon filter with a replaceable carbon cartridge, with cost savings, time savings and zero-waste as their mission. This marked the beginning of Blade Filters.

Wanting to make a difference by helping businesses improve air quality, Giancarlo, Aedan and Joseph created Blade Air, an operating division specializing in air purification technology and indoor air quality. In a time of need, they found tailored solutions to manage the indoor air quality in public spaces.

Managing billions of cubic feet of air across various industries, Blade Filters and Blade Air have synergized to become one – Blade, the leader in commercial indoor air quality solutions.

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