Rachel Nedialkov - May 05 2021

Air Purifying Panic Causing Harmful Ozone Emissions in Classrooms

With panic settling over parents concerned about the air quality in their children’s classrooms, school boards feel the pressure to assure the safety of their students, yet they may be doing more harm than good. Currently, there is no regulation to provide direction on the purchase of air purifiers, and thus schools often pour millions into the most heavily advertised products, leading to the purchase of harmful ozone-emitting purifiers.

Due to a lack of enforcement, ionizer companies have the liberty to spread false claims and establish credibility through mass spending on high-profile figures to represent their product, who reap over six figures in sales commissions in just one month. While school boards and parents should be concerned about installing air purifiers, they should be just as cautious in confirming the validity of the dazzling claims of salespeople. Years of research conducted by scientists have proven that ionizers emit harmful ozone emissions and dry hydrogen peroxide, with chronic exposure leading to severe complications such as exacerbating asthma and even resulting in cases of premature death.

Aside from their harmful ozone emissions, it is important to note that these devices are also ineffective - their instalment in air ducts causes ions emitted to lose power after only 60 seconds. University of North California’s Glenn Morrison reviewed and debunked the unreliable studies funded by the ionizer companies, noting they would be ineffective in a classroom setting outside shoebox-sized test chambers.

To ensure the safety of their students, school boards should look towards trusted and evidence-backed air safety solutions such as Blade Air’s UV-C in-duct systems. Backed by the CDC and ASHRAE, UV-C has been used for over 50 years as an effective disinfection solution for air and surfaces, with only light being emitted into ducts. Unlike Bipolar Ionization and UV-PCO, all of Blade Air's air quality solutions produce zero harmful byproducts such as ozone or hydroxyl radicals. With safety as the first priority, Blade Air offers solutions to capture and kill COVID-19 at a 99.9% efficiency with solutions such as the UV-C in-duct systems and portable HEPA filters to meet any air quality need safely.

When taking measures to provide clean air quality, look towards the research to ensure safety through evidence-based systems. To learn more, view the resources below to get more information about the dangers of ionizers and the alternative safe air quality systems available.

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Article credit :Lauren Weber and Christina Jewett (As Schools Spend Millions on Air Purifiers, Experts Warn of Overblown Claims and Harm to Children)