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Our Wholesalers play a crucial role in our commitment to providing state-of-the-art indoor air quality technology to our customers.

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Air Purifiers

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Alabama, USA


Betco Ltd.

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Saskatchewan & Manitoba, Ontario

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BSE Inc.

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Indianapolis, USA

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Enviroair Industries

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Quebec, Canada

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Oregon, USA

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Indoor Air Quality Associates

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Pennsylvania, USA

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JF Taylor Enterprises

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Atlantic Canada

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Kilmer Environmental

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Ontario, Canada

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Spycor Environmental

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South Carolina, USA

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The Air Purifier Store

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New Hampshire, USA

Exterior of CBRE office building

Suppled HEPA Air Purifiers for 210,000 square feet of public offices to improve indoor air quality. 

Client: CBRE
Location: Ontario
Budget: $250,000
Size: 210,000 square feet
Technology Used: HEPA
Industry: Property management