Solutions for Office Buildings

  • Ability to incorporate a solution into any existing duct or HVAC system, including buildings with no ventilation at all.
  • Fewer cases of sick building syndrome, COVID-19 and other illnesses from airborne viruses, which subsequently leads to less absenteeism and an increase in productivity and overall performance of employees.
  • Decrease the risk of adverse health outcomes such as respiratory illnesses, cancer and eye problems.
Blade HEPA air purifier in an office setting

Employer's IAQ Guide & Checklist

Enabling employers & facility managers to help create clean air work environments and helping answer the day-to-day concerns about the indoor air quality within your workspace.


Managing over 8,000,000 square feet of office space.

Past Projects

Exterior of CBRE office building



Suppled HEPA Air Purifiers for 210,000 square feet of public offices to improve indoor air quality. 

Budget: $250,000
Size: 210,000 square feet
Technology Used: HEPA 
Industry: Property management

Applicable Technologies

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