UV-C Air sanitization


Third Party Lab Tested
& Validated

Made in Canada

100% Ozone-Free

Deactivates & Destroys 99.9%
of Airborne Pathogens 

Our Turnkey
UV-C Implementation Process


Our team of HVAC technicians will work with your facilities team to understand the supply air handler CFM throughput.

Planning & Engineering

Professional consulting and service to help minimize downtime and maximize safety.


Our team collaborates with you to install UVGI solutions directly into the plenum and HVAC infrastructure.

Digital Integration

To help maintain control of your fleet, you will have access to an exclusive digital dashboard that allows you to remotely monitor all of your equipment. From your dashboard, you will receive notifications for maintenance and bulb replacement, turn your equipment on or off, adjust fan speed and monitor CFM.

The Four Pillars of UV-C Technology 


Intensity is a key driver in the effectiveness of UVGI air purification, as pathogens and harmful bacteria may circulate back into the environment if the UVC intensity is not sufficient. Air Sniper uses several methods to combat this loss, such as increasing the number of bulbs, the wattage of each bulb, ensuring that the air is in close proximity to the UVC bulbs, and the reflective material throughout the unit.


Proximity to pathogens and contaminants is crucial for its ability to function as a germicidal solution. Therefore, in designing air purification solutions like the Air Snipers, it is essential to have multiple bulbs throughout the unit’s interior. This accomplishes the dual goal of providing proper UVC intensity and ensuring the space between bulbs is not large enough for the light to lose its required intensity.

Dwell Time

Dwell time defines how long a contaminant spends within the equipment. For the process to be effective, all contaminants must have continuous and cyclical exposure to the UVC bulbs. Additionally, the design must ensure that the air is not circulated too quickly or too slowly, as this may disrupt the flow and allow contaminants to pass through the unit or not enter in the first place.


As a measure of airflow, cubic feet per minute (CFM) plays an important role in determining the effectiveness of air sanitization equipment. It is part of the calculations necessary to determine dwell time, and the fans must be powerful enough to circulate all the air within a space in a reasonable amount of time.

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