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Protect the Air You Breathe with the Blade Air Pro Filter and Breathe Easier.

Wildfire Season is Tough. Is your Air Filter Tougher?

Sustainable Solution

With longer lifespans and high efficiency, electromagnetic filters provide a sustainable and cost-effective solution for air purification in areas prone to wildfires, reducing waste and maintenance costs by 50%

Optimal Wildfire Smoke Protection

Research indicates that electromagnetic filters can increase airflow efficiency by 30% compared to HEPA filters and reduce PM2.5 concentrations by up to 85%

99.99% Particle Capture

Electromagnetic filters use an electric charge to attract and capture particles such as ash, soot, and other pollutants. Studies have shown that these filters can remove up to 99.99% of airborne particles.

With an ultra-breathable filter pad design, the Pro Filter reduces airflow restriction, resulting in significant energy and operational savings.

  • Manufactured in North America

  • Improve filtration performance by 2.25x and reduce airborne pathogen transmission

  • Lower energy consumption by up to 75%

  • Reduce maintenance costs by up to 35% and 50% in labour maintenance fees

  • Made of sustainable, recycled materials

  • Guaranteed to fit your existing HVAC system

Meet  Our Pro Filter

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From Wildfires to Workspaces: Blade Air Takes Care of the Air Your Breathe

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