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We breathe innovation

into the world of indoor air quality.

About Blade Air

Blade Air Breathes Innovation. With a platform of technologies to address complex and changing client needs, Blade Air is an impact-oriented and solutions-focused manufacturer of green technologies for indoor air quality spaces.

With the capacity to service any customer segment, our team is currently managing and cleaning over 500 million cubic ft. for clients across a broad range of industries, including institutional, commercial, retail, horticulture, residential and healthcare.

Innovating Air Quality
Across North America

At Blade Air, we're not just improving air quality-- we're revolutionizing it.

Our state-of-the-art technologies and groundbreaking approaches are redefining standards in indoor air quality management. We are deeply committed to delivering quality, reliability, and environmental consciousness, meeting the unique needs of the diverse North American market.

Blade Air is not just participating in the global conversation about air quality; we are leading the way in ensuring healthier, cleaner indoor environments across the globe.

Managing 540 million cubic feet of indoor air

Institutional | Commercial | Horticulture | Long-term Care

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North American Distribution Network

Canada | United States

Associations and Accredidations

Canada | United States

Our Impact

Blade Air's partnership program is centred around empowering resellers with advanced air quality solutions, boosting their market standing and profitability. Our focus on sustainability, innovative technology, and comprehensive partner support creates a robust foundation for mutual growth and success.

Beyond Air Quality

Our green technologies not only improve indoor environments but minimize ecological footprints and improve operational efficiencies. We're committed to creating products that directly contribute to your clients’ ESG and carbon initiatives.

Environmental Responsiblity

Enhancing air quality is not only a health benefit; it's a smart business strategy. Blade Air's solutions offer more than just cleaner air—they bring more air with less power, optimizing HVAC efficiency for operational improvements. Experience the dual advantage of superior air quality and tangible savings, translating into a real return on investment for your clients.

Economic Impact

Blade Air empowers partners to boost their offerings with our eco-friendly, innovative air quality technologies. Enhance client health and profitability across industries with our impactful, sustainable solutions.

Enhanced Product Portfolio

Our commitment to our partners goes beyond product supply; we aim to foster profitable and long-lasting relationships. With attractive margins, marketing support, collaborative growth strategies, and incentive programs, we ensure our success translates into success for our partners.

Enriching Partnerships

Why invest in Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)? 

By proactively addressing IAQ, you can offer occupants peace of mind, foster greater productivity, achieve efficiency savings, mitigate the risk of airborne transmission of diseases, and accelerate your journey toward achieving net-zero sustainability goals. 

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