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Unlock a safer, smarter, learning environment with the advanced electromagnetic filtration of our Pro Filter series.

Is Your School's Air Fostering Safe Learning?

Grow Healthy Minds

Tackle the issue of students inhaling more pollutants than adults and capture particles 40x smaller than traditional filters.

Smart Savings

Research by the World Green Building Council states that buildings can save as much as 79% on energy bills with improve IAQ.

Breathe Life into Classrooms

When ventilation is optimized, students' math, reading & science scores improved along with their 'power of attention' and rates of absenteeism.

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Our Diverse Clientele: Enhancing IAQ in Schools, Universities, and More

With an ultra-breathable filter pad design, the Pro Filter reduces airflow restriction, resulting in significant energy and operational savings.

  • Manufactured in North America

  • Improve filtration performance by 2.25x and reduce airborne pathogen transmission

  • Lower energy consumption by up to 75%

  • Reduce maintenance costs by up to 35% and 50% in labour maintenance fees

  • Made of sustainable, recycled materials

  • Guaranteed to fit your existing HVAC system

Meet Our Pro Filter

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