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Blade Air Zero Waste Carbon Filter


Zero Waste Carbon Filter 

The world’s first zero-waste odour control solution that minimizes facility maintenance time and expenses:

  • Patented revolutionary replaceable carbon cartridge.

  • 56% reduction in operating expenses.

  • Made from 70% recycled materials.


Pro Filter

Sustainable, energy-saving air quality for whole buildings:

  • Saves up to 75% in energy costs.

  • 50% increase in filter lifespan.

  • Filters out particles 40x smaller than standard filters.

  • Made of recyclable, compostable material.

Blade Air Pro Filter

Advanced UVC technology with effortless HVAC integration for scalable air sanitization across facilities:

  • Long-life bulbs with coil cleaning capabilities, cutting replacements by more than 50% over 5 years.

  • Fits a variety of HVAC systems across various facility types.

  • BAS compatibility for smart controls and monitoring for optimized performance.

Air Sniper UVC


Blade Air, Air Sniper UVC


HEPA Air Purifier

Portable on-the-spot filtration for facilities with limited ventilation:

  • High-efficiency filters clean up to 1,400 sq. ft. of indoor air.

  • Captures 99.99% of ultrafine particles.

  • Third-party labs confirm a reduction in allergens, boosting workplace respiratory health.

Blade Air HEPA Air Purifier


HEPA+ Filter

Your trusted HEPA, now with next-generation enhancements.

  • 30% lower static pressure than traditional filters.

  • Medical Grade certified with a 99.99% particle capture rate.

  • Lightweight construction means easy installation and maintenance.

Blade Air HEPA+ Filter

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