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Elevate air quality across a range of environments, from personal offices to extensive communal spaces. Designed for areas with insufficient ventilation, our HEPA Air Purifier combines medical grade filtration with unmatched coverage, providing a mobile, plug-and-play solution for immediate air quality improvement.

Portable HEPA 

Blade Air portable Air Purifier

Delivers 99.97% particle removal at 0.3 microns with medical grade filters and high-power fan speeds, ensuring clean air across all indoor settings.

Medical-Grade Filtration Efficacy

Features instant, plug-and-play deployment with locking casters for easy mobility, providing superior area coverage and immediate air quality improvement.

Expansive Coverage & Mobility

Customizable to meet the unique air quality needs of any environment, from small offices to large spaces, ensuring optimal air purification wherever needed.

Adaptable to Your Space

Blade Air supplied commercial HEPA Air Purifiers to public offices across Ontario to improve indoor air quality and create safer workplaces.


The project covered 13,400,000 square feet of mixed-use space and included the installation of 16,951 Portable HEPA Purifiers.

Download the case study for more.

The Ontario Government

How Blade's Portable HEPA Purifiers helped

The Ontario Government

Success Story
Ontario Government Building

Model Number: HCFM-1 

Tech Specs

Area Coverage​

<1,400 square feet​

Pre-Filter Efficiency​



HEPA Efficiency​

True HEPA 99.99% @0.3µm ​(third party tested and validated)


80-530 CFM​


600 square feet​

Fan Rating​

1,019 CFM​

Weight ​

50 lbs [20kg]​

Housing Material​

Powder Coated Steel​


Power Requirements​

120VAC/60 Hz​

Power Consumption​

1.9 Amps​

6.6 ACH​

1,400 square feet​

2.84 ACH​


16″ x 36.5″ x 16″​

Physical Dimensions ​


Plug Type​

Variable Fan Speed Dial​

Standard 120V