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Blade Air Electromagnetic Pro Filter

Utilizing advanced electromagnetic filtration, the Pro Filters capture particles 40 times smaller than traditional filter, and outperforming HEPA at the viral range.


With an ultra-breathable filter pad design, the Pro Filter reduces airflow restriction, resulting in significant energy and operational savings.

Pro Filter 

Our Pro Filters capture ultrafine particles including viruses and bacteria, far exceeding the capabilities of traditional and pleated filters.

Superior Filtration Efficacy

The Pro Filter effortlessly delivers significant energy and operational savings, with up to 75% in fan motor savings and labour savings as high as 50%. 

Significant Savings

Efficient logistics streamlining slashes transportation and storage space, achieving up to 92% cost savings while minimizing emissions and storage demands.

Logistics Efficiency

Breathe Efficiency

eu6_01-ai 2 (1).png

Model Number: BAPF1 + BAPF2

Tech Specs




Filter Type​

Electromagnetic, Active Polarization​

MERV Rating with Power​

MERV-14 Recirculating​



0.007 microns​

Initial Pressure Drop

0.13 i.w.c/0.15 i.w.c

0.2/0.29 i.w.c​

VOC Reduction​

46% in 48 hrs​


Pad Weight

0.4 lbs​

Media Material ​

Lofted Fiberglass​


Power Consumption per AHU

2 Watts (VA)​

Total Power Consumption​

(# Blade Air Units) X (2 Watts)​

Rated Input Voltage​

24 VAC (110 VAC Transformer Available)​

Max Input Voltage​

30 VAC​