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Co-Founders (left to right) Joe Fida, Giancarlo Sessa and Aedan Fida

Core Values

Innovation is the oxygen we breathe and sustainability, the fuel that drives us.

Innovation is our heartbeat, pushing us to redefine indoor air quality with relentless creativity and cutting-edge technology.  This unwavering commitment not only elevates the standard of air we breathe, but also ensures our solutions lead the way in sustainability and efficiency.


Our sustainability efforts are designed to benefit people, protect the planet, and drive profit. By innovating for ecological balance, social equity, and economic growth, we ensure a thriving future for all.

Breathe Sustainability

Our primary focus is on delivering a hassle-free, user-friendly experience, making interaction and product implementation effortless. With our comprehensive suite of solutions, we make it easy to find a perfect fit for your unique needs.


Trust is our foundation. We prioritize integrity, transparency, and reliability to build trust with every stakeholder. It’s a foundation for innovating sustainably, ensuring we’re a trusted partner in creating healthier environments and a cleaner planet.


We prioritize unwavering reliability, unparalleled accountability, seamless

teamwork, and exceptional customer service. These values are embedded in a culture of innovation that drives continuous improvement. Our goal is to meet and exceed expectations.


Truth in Numbers

With a legacy of excellence and a commitment to clean air and a healthier planet for all, Blade Air continues to lead the way in revolutionizing indoor air quality - one customer at a time.


Cubic Feet of Optimized IAQ


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Buildings Breathing Clean Air

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Leaders in Innovation

Meet the dedicated minds behind Blade Air's mission to revolutionize indoor air quality technology to ensure a healthier, cleaner future.

Co-Founder & CEO
Aedan Fida
Aedan Fida
Co-Founder & CRO
Giancarlo Sessa
Giancarlo Sessa
Co-Founder & CIO
Joseph Fida
Joseph Fida
Alex Athanasopoulos
Alex Athanasopoulos
Senior Marketing Manager
Ava Montini
Ava Montini
VP, Operations
Kieron Fida
Kieron Fida
VP, Engineering
Luis Marquez
Luis Marquez
VP, Business Development
Kira Sherman
Kira Sherman

February 2024

Blade Air launches HEPA+

October 2023

Canada’s EY Entrepreneurs of the Year winners

October 2023

Blade Air awarded Globe and Mail's top growing company

July 2023

Blade joins NAFA

June 2023

Blade becomes part of the Ontario Made network

June 2023

Blade Air acquires CleanAir

May 2023

Blade Air Founders inducted into Glory Professional 30X30 Class of 2023

April 2023

Blade Air forms partnership with TRANE

Feb 2023

Blade joins


(Green Building Council)

 March 2022

Blade Air expands with a North American distribution network

December 2021

Blade Air Founders win Forbes 30 Under 30

 October 2021

Blade Air launches the Electromagnetic Filter

September 2021

Blade Air relocates due to growth

August 2021 

Ontario’s Minister of Education partners with Blade Air to promote Back to Class safety

April 2021

Blade Air partners with Air Sniper to launch UV-C technology

January 2021

Blade Air office opens

July 2020

Launch of Blade HEPA Air Purifier

March 2020

Blade Filters expansion into IAQ, Blade Air is born

April 2018

Worlds first zero waste carbon filter launched 

August 2017

Blade Filters established 

Our Journey

We take great pride in sharing the pivotal moments that have helped to shape our unwavering commitment to innovation, sustainability, and clean air.

Blade Air is Proud to be a Member of:

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Modern office setting with exposed HVAC

We understand the critical importance of clean and healthy air in creating a sustainable and thriving ecosystem for businesses, people and the planet.  Our innovative approach to IAQ stretches far beyond improved air quality, it directly contributes to competitive advantages and bottom-line growth for our customers.

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