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Education FAQs

We've addressed many of the questions we typically receive from the Education industry here in our FAQ section.

Additionally, we've curated this downloadable Guide to Clean Air Learning Environments to empower teachers and facility managers with the knowledge to ensure clean air learning environments for students.



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Protect seniors from airborne contaminants and viruses with our efficient air sanitization technology. Easily installable in existing HVAC systems, it neutralizes and captures VOCs in any size building.

Pro Filter

Elevate IAQ across your industrial building portfolio with our Pro Filter. Seamlessly integrating into existing HVAC systems, it captures particles 40x smaller than traditional filters, ensuring substantial energy and operational savings.


Create a fresh and odor-free atmosphere in hospitality settings with our zero-waste carbon filter. Prioritize the well-being of guests and staff, while simultaneously minimizing environmental impact and reducing operational costs.


A Successful Learning Environment starts with Quality Air

In schools, clean air isn't just a necessity – it's the foundation for optimal learning. At Blade Air, we recognize the critical link between indoor air quality (IAQ) and students' wellbeing, academic performance, and overall success.

We understand the unique challenges schools face in managing IAQ. Older buildings, multiple HVAC units, and diverse spaces pose distinct hurdles. With approximately four times the occupants of an office building and a responsibility for children's health and safety, schools operate under unique pressures.

Our team of Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) experts understands these complexities. We collaborate with your school to assess unique air quality challenges and tailor solutions, not only enhancing IAQ but also considering cost-effective operations and eco-friendly approaches, aligning with your institution's goals.

What People Say

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