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Hospitality FAQs

In the present day landscape, where nine out of 10 people worldwide  breathe polluted air, the demand for cleaner, fresher air within  hospitality establishments has reached an all-time high. With increasing concerns over COVID-19, wildfires, and overall poor air quality, the hotel industry faces a pressing need to provide safer, healthier accommodation options.



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Protect seniors from airborne contaminants and viruses with our efficient air sanitization technology. Easily installable in existing HVAC systems, it neutralizes and captures VOCs in any size building.

Pro Filter

Elevate IAQ across your industrial building portfolio with our Pro Filter. Seamlessly integrating into existing HVAC systems, it captures particles 40x smaller than traditional filters, ensuring substantial energy and operational savings.


Create a fresh and odor-free atmosphere in hospitality settings with our zero-waste carbon filter. Prioritize the well-being of guests and staff, while simultaneously minimizing environmental impact and reducing operational costs.


Elevating your Guests’ Experience with a Breath of Fresh Hospitality

In today's world, where air pollution is a widespread concern, the hospitality industry faces a growing demand for cleaner air. Travelers prioritize their well-being and seek accommodations that prioritize safety and health, making Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) a significant concern. Guests look for comfort and fresh, clean air, particularly in highly polluted areas, airports, and industrial zones.

Addressing this challenge begins with innovative IAQ solutions that prioritize traveler safety. Conventional HVAC systems in most hotels lack the ability to filter out viruses and bacteria effectively. However, our cutting-edge air purification technologies  remove airborne contaminants without major alterations to your existing HVAC system.

By fostering healthier environments for guests and employees alike, improved IAQ contributes to higher productivity, reduced sick days, and upholds health standards. Ultimately, investing in superior IAQ enhances guest comfort, reputation, and overall hospitality experience.

What People Say

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