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Industrial FAQs

As a manufacturer ourselves, we understand these challenges intimately at Blade Air.

Our IAQ experts use cutting-edge technologies to craft tailored solutions, ensuring a safe working environment for your employees to  bolster industrial success.



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Protect seniors from airborne contaminants and viruses with our efficient air sanitization technology. Easily installable in existing HVAC systems, it neutralizes and captures VOCs in any size building.

Pro Filter

Elevate IAQ across your industrial building portfolio with our Pro Filter. Seamlessly integrating into existing HVAC systems, it captures particles 40x smaller than traditional filters, ensuring substantial energy and operational savings.


The Blade Air HEPA+ redefines air filtration for hospitality venues with its revolutionary pleat design, boasting up to 44%-55% less static pressure than traditional HEPA filters. It ensures clean air in hotels and restaurants, capturing viral particles with 99.99% efficacy.


Unlocking IAQ Excellence for Industrial Success

Industrial settings face unique IAQ challenges due to specialized operations and specific pollutants inherent to manufacturing processes. Unlike commercial spaces focusing on occupant comfort, industries prioritize IAQ for process stability and safety.

In the realm of manufacturing, where IAQ stability is paramount, the quality of air within industrial facilities holds the power to either fuel success or derail production lines.

As a manufacturer, we understand these challenges intimately. We tailor bespoke solutions that effectively mitigate hazards, ensuring a safe and conducive working environment for your invaluable employees, ultimately paving the way for industrial success.

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What People Say

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