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Senior Living FAQs

The risk of airborne diseases, like COVID-19 and others such as Pertussis, RSV, and Influenza, is heightened in spaces with compromised IAQ. The implications for seniors, with decreased ability to counter environmental hazards, are particularly concerning.

At  Blade Air, our expertise in prioritizing pristine indoor air within  aging facilities fosters vibrant lives for beloved elderly residents.



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Protect seniors from airborne contaminants and viruses with our efficient air sanitization technology. Easily installable in existing HVAC systems, it neutralizes and captures VOCs in any size building.

Pro Filter

Elevate IAQ across your industrial building portfolio with our Pro Filter. Seamlessly integrating into existing HVAC systems, it captures particles 40x smaller than traditional filters, ensuring substantial energy and operational savings.


Create a fresh and odor-free atmosphere in hospitality settings with our zero-waste carbon filter. Prioritize the well-being of guests and staff, while simultaneously minimizing environmental impact and reducing operational costs.

Senior Living

Breathing New Life into Senior Living Facilities

Indoor air quality (IAQ) is pivotal for the health and comfort of seniors in living facilities. Poor IAQ poses significant health risks due to airborne pollutants, impacting cognitive function and increasing vulnerability to diseases.

Long-term care facilities often lack proper ventilation, leading to highly polluted indoor air that affects residents' well-being. Improving IAQ not only reduces health risks but also lowers medical expenses and enhances the facility's reputation.

Regular IAQ maintenance, alongside energy efficiency measures are crucial. These strategies not only promote healthier environments but also ensure substantial cost savings and improved care for seniors.

At Blade Air, our expertise in prioritizing pristine indoor air within aging facilities fosters vibrant lives for beloved elderly residents.

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