• We're transforming indoor air quality

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We're transforming indoor air quality

The Distillery District Trusted IAQ Supplier

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Made in Canada

At Blade, we supply tailored, state-of-the-art indoor air quality solutions that meet the highest industry standards.
Healthy air is the next frontier in public health, and the need to manage it will never go away.

We believe indoor spaces can make our lives better, and if you share that belief, we're your partner

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Employer IAQ Guide

Enabling employers & facility managers to help create clean air work environments by improving indoor air quality.

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Forbes 30 Under 30

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"This is genius. Why has no one thought of this before?"


"A breath of fresh air! They're solving an immediate problem in the cannabis industry."

Lift & Co

"Innovation in carbon filters has been stagnant - until Toronto's Blade Filters came up with an effective and cheaper replaceable cartridge."

StartUp HERE

"We started our first run with the Blade Filter. Guys, if you haven't checked these out, the design is like no other. Wouldn't you love to just change your filter when it's time and not the whole unit?? Well, here's your solution. And they last forever!!"


"So far Blade Filters and it's founders have provided exceptional customer service! I am happy with the product as the build quality is top notch. Glad to see our local people coming up with innovative products and I am glad to support them!"

Brandon Ramsundar

"The joke in the industry is that cannabis isn't green and they're trying to change that one filter at a time"

The Growth Op

"In a microcultivation environment, we see a huge amount of concern around odour. It’s really important that we give people a plug-and-play solution"

The Georgia Straight

"Blade Filters is a technical team who have solved a substantial waste and cost problem for odour intensive farms. They identified a pain point for their customers, engineered a solution, and have the potential to lead their market with unique proprietary technology."

Dan Sutton, Founder & CEO, Tantalus Labs

"Happy to have met you all and to be working with you as a supplier of our carbon filters. You guys have always gone above and beyond for us."

Sunens Farms

"What's so unique is that you never have to replace the outer-housing!"

BNN Bloomberg

"If quality is a lock, then Blade Filters has the key. It is hands down the only filter I will use.”


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