The New Generation
of HVAC Filter

Best option for businesses looking for energy savings and easier
maintenance while maintaining a better filtration than traditional filters. 

Providing HEPA-class and MERV-rated filtration while lowering
your building’s energy consumption and maintenance time.

Our electrostatic filters are the best option in HVAC systems and buildings where enhanced air quality is required but a HEPA filter is not practical. Electrostatic filters remove harmful microparticulates that traditional filters do not, making them the ideal filtration solution.

How It Works

Utilizing active polarization fields to bind the really, really tiny particles together that standard filters let pass.


Captures particles 40x smaller than standard filters.


2x longer-lasting filter replacement.


Zero ozone generated.


70% sustainable breathable lofted glass fibre.

Guaranteed to fit your building's existing HVAC system

Designed to fit all commercial building applications and available in all standard and non-standard sizes.

V bank unit

V Bank Systems

Air handler unit

Air Handler Unit



IAQ Monitoring App

Get real-time insight on your filter performance, and indoor air quality events. App available for Android & iOS.


Filter pads that use low-density media reduce strain on HVAC systems compared to traditional filters and high-efficiency systems. Your building will heat up and cool down faster while extending the life of the air handling system.

Chart displaying the savings with Blade filters, showing minimal costs in year one and active savings each year after.
Electrostatic filter

Technical Specifications

CSA & FCC approved

Compatible with all 1" furnace filter slots and available in over 14 standard sizes

0.3-0.4 lbs.

Power Consumption
Consumes less than 2 watts of power

802.11 B/G/N

1-year limited warranty

Fits all 1” intakes, returns & furnace slots

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